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Rockin’ Fishers hair stylist!

Rockin’ Fishers hair stylist!

Originally Post By me on atGeist – February 8,2011
As we approach the outdoor concert season, business heats up for one Rockin’ Fishers hair stylist!

Fishers hair stylist Tanya Foster rocks as a hair stylist, and she’s quickly becoming known as the stylist to the rockers too.  Foster co-owns Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang hair salon at 8395 East 116th Street with fellow stylist Megan Schilling. She’s been cutting hair for more than two decades. Her clientele started to climb the charts when her music producer boyfriend entered her life five years ago.

Mike “Cheez” Brown works in the music industry with Linkin Park, Korn and Dirty Heads, just to name a few. Brown was instrumental in getting Linkin Park’s lead singer, Chester Bennington, to the Indianapolis 500 in 2005.  Later, Brown asked Foster to do a private cut for someone he had booked at Verizon Music Center. “I asked who, and when he said Kid Rock I was a little scared,” laughs Foster.  After a recent haircut at Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Kid Rock signed this piece of memorabilia which hangs in Foster’s Fishers salon.

“All kinds of thoughts ran through my mind. What if he doesn’t like his haircut? What if he goes on stage and tells everyone that he didn’t like his haircut? It could ruin my business!” Well, that was four years ago and Kid Rock, and others, keep coming back for more.

Foster has unlocked the salon after hours for Kid Rock and his back-up singer, Stacy Michelle, when they wanted to spruce up for a television appearance on the “Bob and Tom Show.” Another time she opened late and stayed until 3 a.m. trimming and braiding Kid Rock’s hair before he hit the road. The next day she joined him on the road to help his singers and other musicians get ready for a concert in Ohio.



Tanya Foster (right) with fellow stylists Autumn Patterson (left) and Jenna Kelly (middle).


Foster and Brown entertain musicians in town quite often. The band Sublime came over to their home near Ironwood golf course and played an impromptu concert on their back deck!


The couple took Slash and Guns and Roses to Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar after hours when the rockers were looking for a good meal.


Foster describes herself as an 80’s rocker chick who has toned it down a little for her clientele. “Well-behaved women rarely make history though,” she laughs. Today she’s focused on keeping her salon on the cutting edge of hair fashion with ongoing training sessions. She also has enjoyed getting more involved in the community of Fishers too.


So, stop in Kiss Kiss (named after the 80’s punk band “Specimen”) and get a rockin’ good haircut … just don’t be surprised about who was in your chair the night before!

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