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Have you experienced the Wine & Canvas craze?

Have you experienced the Wine & Canvas craze?

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So, you haven’t painted since kindergarten? Perfect! You will love “Wine and Canvas” — a new social event that involves a paintbrush, a glass of wine and no previous experience.

It’s a simple process; you book your spot in front of an easel for one of the classes and an artist will help you step-by-step to replicate the painting of the day … all while you sip some wine/beer and socialize with friends.

I recently checked out a class, along with about 30 other guests, at the Keystone Crossing location. Some came fresh from the office; others were on a well planned night out; and one couple made it a date night. No kids – little Picassos have their own event called “Cookies and Canvas.”

Then the fun begins. Owner Tamra Scott introduces the artist for the evening and points out the apron, brushes and palette of acrylic paint at each seat. “We use acrylics because it will come out of your clothes,” explains Tamra. “Just in case!”

Local artist Eric Swenson then takes the stage to start the instruction of painting a scene of tree tops against a blue sky. “The leaves should just be blotches of color,” says Eric. “Don’t think about painting leaves.”

There were a couple of breaks so the class could let their paint dry and refresh their wine/beer. After a little over two hours we had all completed a masterpiece. Although mine looked more like black sticks stuck to the canvas instead of beautiful long-limbed trees reaching for the sky, it was still a lot of fun.

You can come back as many times as you like; one guest was on her 12th visit and gives the paintings away in lieu of gifts. Another guest said it wasn’t about the art; it was just a fun night out with the girls and an alternative to going to the bars.

Wine and Canvas costs $35-$40 per session, depending on the night. You can register online at, and choose the painting you would like to recreate. Wine and Canvas also can set up at restaurants and private parties. They are franchising this around the country, so if you haven’t heard much about it until now, you will probably see a lot more of Wine and Canvas in the future.

So go ahead, unleash you inner Picasso, and enjoy a fun night out!

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