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What’s Cooking for the Kitchen

What’s Cooking for the Kitchen

When this west side family decided to spruce up their kitchen , they decided to heat things up by changing the look of their cabinets.. The Foxworthy family had grown tired of the light birch wood cabinets and longed for a darker, richer looking wood in their kitchen. But, they also knew that replacing kitchen cabinets could cost thousands of dollars, so, they decided to explore their options and contact a company called “Furniture Fix, LLC” which specializes in refinishing wood furnishings.

Furniture Fix, LLC showed them a variety of looks that can be achieved with paints and stains.

“Dark cabinets can turn modern day white, and a white kitchen can be transformed into a deep rich brown kitchen in just a matter of a couple of days,” says Decorator/painter Lisa Murdock.

The Foxworthy family was thrilled at the options of staining their cabinets to the shade of their choice at a fraction of the cost it would be to have them replaced.

The project began with a crew taking down the cabinets doors and removing drawers so they can be taken off site to be cleaned , sanded and  stained—with little mess in the home. A gel stain was chosen for its rich appearance and durability. The frame of the cabinet is then painted/stained  in the home and

Then the door s and drawers are returned –usually with new hardware,too,  at this point) in a couple of days and put back on the frame.

The homeowner then chooses a final protective coating in the sheen of their choice.

For this kitchen re-do, cabinet trim was also added to the top of the cabinets for a more polished look to the kitchen as well as  multi colored tile backsplash and new countertops.

The Foxworthy family loved the new look of the kitchen cabinets.

“This kitchen looks brand new!” said the Foxworthys.

For the Foxworthy family, the investment into their nest payed off –they had cooked up a hot new look for their kitchen cabinets, without the construction mess and cost of buying all new.

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