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Invest In Your Nest – Make Your Music Room Sing!

Invest In Your Nest – Make Your Music Room Sing!

If you have a room in your home set aside specifically for a piano  – then it is time to Invest in your nest – and make your music room sing!

You need to create a stylish spot where your piano will look and sound great, as well as motivate those to practice.


In this Geist home, the family decided to turn a little used living room into the piano room.

The dated wallpaper however, was not a great backdrop for the striking new black piano.

So it was time to make

a scene –that is–  give the room a personality all its own!

Lisa of Designs by Lisa came up with what she calls a “shades of gray” finish for the walls.

“ It’s a treatment where I drag three colors –in this case shades gray — from ceiling to floor,” says Lisa. “ It makes the room appear larger and carries the eye to the ceiling, which I then painted in a bright gold to illuminate the room.”

The finishing touch was gold painted trim boxes around the room for a dramatic appeal. “Its kind of a Hollywood glam look,” says Lisa. “Perfect for a stand alone piano room!”

A large area rug (pale, gold zebra print) was placed over the hardwood floors in the room to help absorb sound. Pianos can be loud in a room of hard surfaces so always remember to use rugs, upholstered furniture and window treatments to keep the sound contained.

Some rope lighting was added around the ceiling inset for soft lighting and, a beautiful new chandelier in brushed gold was added for times when they really want to light up the room.

“You don’t need a huge chandelier to make a statement,” says Lisa.

“Afterall, it’s the piano you want to have steal the show!”

Now, you might say, its s a music room that hits all the right notes!

Ritmuller player Piano from Piano Solutions, 575 west Carmel dr. in Carmel.

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