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Invest in Your Nest – Grading Spaces

Invest in Your Nest – Grading Spaces

When the Browns bought their Geist home fifteen years ago, they knew there was a perfect spot in the backyard that could be leveled for a  beautiful paver patio and  a screened in porch. But, instead for 15 years they watched their kids grow up in the backyard playing ball and swinging on the swingset. Now, as their oldest turns 18, the Browns realize it is time; time to invest in their nest and grade that space in the backyard for the outdoor living area they’ve always wanted!

“It was time,” says Elaine Brown.  “We would discuss it every winter but, this year with the mild winter weather and early Spring, the topic seem to come up more often!”  The Browns called P.J.E. Lawncare and Owner Phil Ennis drew up a plan for their outdoor escape place.  “They added the screened in porch first,” says Phil.  “So, then leveled the space next to it to extend the outdoor living area.  Phil’s plan included a paver patio in a circular pattern for added interest. Some larger stones were added to line the patio and some flowers, shrubs and pines were added.  “I used  mid- sized Black hill pine trees,” says Phil.  “They offer some privacy ,but, But they are slow growing so they won’t overwhelm the yard in a few years.”

Then a stone path was also added at one end to pull it altogether so guest can easily enter the backyard patio from the  driveway.  Phil –refers to himself as a  “hands on”   landscaper as he enjoys showing up on his jobs. “I come up with the design, so its my vision and I want to see where every tree and plant is in the right spot!”  Ennis says this year has been busier than most due to the nice early Spring weather.  For the browns, their outdoor living area they’ve been dreaming of is here and it certainly makes the grade!  The whole family enjoys it, says Elaine.   “My daughter says she enjoys doing homework more  on the screened in porch and the others just want to know why we didn’t do this sooner!”  Elaine also enjoys doing her own gardening so, she knows now that her outdoor oasis is complete, it is time to  turn her attention to her flower beds, and the weeds of summertime!

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